Welcome to our Juice Therapy Shots Bar. Each 30ml shot contains 100% pure, raw juice. Our menu has been created using natural ingredients known for their unique nutritional, therapeutic, healing & medicinal properties. Each shot comes with its own health benefits. These shots may not be as tasty as our smoothies so often best to simply down in one. Like medicine, the benefits definitely outweigh the taste.

 Each single box contains 7 x 30ml shots. (1 week/ 1 shot daily)

aloe shot Aloe Vera Shot

  straight from aloe leaf

Each shot prepared from fresh, raw aloe leaf to give the purest aloe ever. No additions, preservatives & no heat treatment. Aloe gel is great inside the body and outside.Consider as one of the most impressive medicinal herbs due to its many healing properties.

Turmeric Shot

  juice from fresh root

This powerful spice is known as the ‘anti-aging’ spice. Used traditionally over many years for its' known healing properties. A powerful natural anti-inflammatory. Rich in curcuminoids. Helps promote radiant, supple skin. This shot helps ignite your body’s immune & defence system. A spice you can not afford to ignore!

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Wheatgrass Shot

  our fresh wheatgrass

Our wheatgrass is grown here in the uk using organic wheat grain, organic compost, natural sunlight energy & a lot of love & attention. Cut from live tray, juiced and instantly frozen to ensure you receive the best quality juice. Try a shot, feel the difference and you'll be hooked.

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Ginger Shot

  from fresh root

100% pure ginger juice. Get ready to experience the wonder of this pure ginger shot. A natural immune booster, decongestant & antihistamine. Feel the heat, can be addictive!

Beetroot Shot

 juiced raw & pure

If you like beetroot you will love this shot. Known as the 'blood builder', helps boost oxygen to the blood to provide the body with increased energy, stamina and agility. Proven to help reduce blood pressure naturally.

Kale Shot

   power packed leaves

A true nutritional powerhouse. Known for its high levels of vit A, C & K. Rich in lutein (for eye health), minerals copper, potassium, iron, manganese, phosphorus - Wow!

Red Cabbage Shot

 raw with natural colour

The taste may not sound appealing but its properties truly are. Contains sulforaphane, an important chemical to help fight diseases related to colon & prostate. Also used to aid weight loss. A shot to try - clean & intense.

Amla Shot

 aka Indian Gooseberry

Amla has been used for years in Ayurveda, the oldest health system in the world. Super rich in Vit C making it a powerful anti-oxidant. Known to help improve skin conditions, hair & eyes. A daily shot for overall wellbeing.

Chilli & Lime Shot

 HOT, HOT for chilli lovers

Cayenne chilli with the juice of fresh lime. Hot, yet incredibly morish & addictive. Chilli contains pain killing neuro peptides. Helps with migraines, joint pain and digestive stimulation.

Supergreens Shot

 wheatgrass, spirulina, chlorella, seaweed

All in one super shot. Spirulina, chlorella, seaweed (knotted, channel & spiral wrack) & barley grass. All blended in freshly juiced wheatgrass. A green punch of chorophyll, proteins, minerals & amino acids from natural source.

Garlic & Lemon Shot

 raw garlic

Raw garlic is known to strengthen the immune and help maintain a healthy heart. The fresh lemon helps neutralise the garlic breath, so do not worry. An antibiotic &  decongestant makes it a good natural remedy for coughs, colds, nasal issues & sinusitis. 

Cold Flu Buster Shot

 ginger, lemon, enchinea, vit. c

This intense shot is packed with everything you need to help fight & prevent cold & flu. Pure ginger & lemon with added natural boosts. For a warming remedy add shot to hot water. Feel warmer inside. 

Bitter Melon Shot

 aka karela - bitter, bitter, bitter!

This unique looking vegetable has been used for many years for it's healing properties associated with regulating the sugar levels in blood, alleviating eye disorders and improving eyesight.

Guarana Energy Shot

 raw Brazilian guarana hit

Wow it really works! A powerful stimulant made from Brazil. It contains the active ingredient guaranine, similar to caffeine but longer lasting and without the side effects! Boosts your mind & body for up to 6 hours.

Cold Flu Buster Shot

 ginger, lemon, enchinea, vit. c

Cayenne chilli with the juice of fresh lime. Hot, yet incredibly morish & addictive. Chilli contains pain killing neuro peptides. Helps with migraines, joint pain and digestive stimulation.