About Big Juice Ltd

After thinking that Bristol required a decent health-centric juice bar, we opened our first one back in 2001. Backed by more than 15 years of experience, here at Big Juice Ltd, we understand the importance of juicing and the health benefits it has. This is why we have established a place which serves healthy, totally pure, unadulterated nutritional juices with fresh fruit and vegetables. We also provide a place which acts a board for discussing health ideas.

Choose Our Healthy Alternatives


Motivated by our continuous quest to solve the big mystery of a perfect healthy diet, we created a range of combinations for our menu. As the benefits of raw juices were simply too great to ignore, we developed a range of great-tasting drinks. They not only concentrate on producing the best nutritional quality drinks, but they’re also delicious and extremely healthy. Inspired by the medicinal properties of fruit and vegetables that are missing from many diets today, we aim to bring these to the juice bar. There are no shortcuts here at Big Juice Ltd, just real fruit and vegetables which are juiced.

Shot Our Delicious Juices


With a menu which is inspired by nature’s finest offerings, we provide you with a varied menu of 30ml shots. Made from pure, raw ingredients, not all of our shots are as appetising as our scrumptious smoothies. Easy to down in one quick gulp, our selection of shots are a simple way of putting important nutrients into your body.

More than Just Fruit and Vegetables


Providing you with more than just nutritional juices, we also offer you with the products and knowledge that will help you to live a healthy life. Many people think that healthy living is expensive. However, we’re on hand to set the record straight. Minor changes to your daily routine will have a major different on your health.

Cheers to Excellent Health


Browse through our variety of products to reap the health benefits of nutritional juices. We would love to hear from you with any feedback, ideas, recommendations, or information that you think would be valuable for others to know. Our juices come with:

  • 100% Natural Fruit and Vegetables
  • No Added Preservatives
  • No Added Colourings, Additives, or Flavourings
  • No Added Water or Sugars